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Jiangsu Chenguang CNC Machine Tool Co. Ltd. (formerly Taixing Chenguang high tech Development Co. Ltd.) is located in north of golden waterway Yangtze River, and Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Taizhou, Nantong and other surrounding cities are about one to two hours" high-speed drive from here.
2.the main business
Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in innovative and efficient, dedicated, precision CNC machine tools, combination of machine tools and a combination of flexible automatic production line manufacturing and software development Mainly involves various kinds of special processing equipment for carbon industry and functional component industry .
3. the main certificate and honor obtained
In 2003 we passed the ISO9001/2000 quality management system certification; in 2005 we won the title of the Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprise and software enterprise; in 2010, Jiangsu province identified our company as the carbon materials and components of precision machine tool engineering technology research center; in 2011 ou company was identified as high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province; in the same year,it was recognized as the technology center of software enterprises in Jiangsu Province, in 2014 we passed the review of high technology enterprises in Jiangsu province; six consecutive years starting from 2010, our company was listed in the key software enterprises within the province planning; in 2014 it was approved to be the Jiangsu province postdoctoral innovation practice base.
4.technical equipment
Our company has established a comprehensive testing room, mainly with the physical and chemical laboratory, CNC machine tools and automatic production line testing system, data acquisition, simulation room and so on. In addition to conventional small laboratory testing instrument , the laboratory also has CNC system running state comprehensive performance testing bench, dynamic grinding head temperature rise testing bench and CNC grinding machine debugging platform. It is equipped with SJ-20A dynamic journey error of the screw measuring instrument, nondestructive flaw detector, material phase change analyzer, measuring instrument for dynamic characteristic of CNC machine tool ,etc..
Our company has MAZAK horizontal machining center, OKUMA pentahedron machining center, STUDER high-precision cylindrical grinder, precision boring machine ,pianogrinder and a number of precision machining equipment, testing instruments and workstations, servers, switches and other software developing environment.The equipment is at the advanced level in the same industry, high precision machining and measurement can solve the key parts that can meet many varieties, large CNC machine tools for small batch production and quality control requirements.
5.R & D team and technical level
The company has a skilled ,enterprising and pioneering CNC machine tool research and development team of experts , including the chairman and general manager with the special allowance of State Council , other expert of the youth who have outstanding contribution in the provinces and cities in 4, more than 9 senior engineers. We owns 29 invention patents and utility model patents, 7 software copyrights; We also assumed the National Innovation Fund for small and medium enterprises, "863"and "04" special projects, major projects of national and provincial projects .
6, product sales and industry status
At present , the main product has eight series of more than 70 varieties.A number of products fill the domestic blank and reach the international advanced level. A certain size of the market has been established in the industry. We have already exported four automatic processing lines to India and one plane production line to British . The company"s products with high precision and advanced technology and high-quality customer service in domestic and foreign carbon industry and precision machine tool industry enjoy a high repution . We have established a nationwide sales network and formed a fixed customer base, set up our own "Good Source" brand. At present , our company"s main products , precision machine tools and production line for carbon industry , have shared more than 80% of the market in domestic carbon industry. Various types of special processing machine tools for functional component industry have achieved the leading level in domestic industry and occupied up to 20% of the domestic market.
Jiangsu Chenguang CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is willing to take a sincere heart to cherish every opportunity, and work with you together to build China"s high-end machine tool manufacturing industry in the field of the world brand!

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