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Our company at home and abroad pioneered the use of CNC technology combined  with cutter thread processing technology ,and introduced  it into the graphite electrode and the joint processing field, gradually developed with independent intellectual property rights the success of the electrode and the joint processing of CNC machine series products, and CGK - RZ - 02 CNC automatic production line of graphite electrode and CGK - RZ - 01 - NC joint automatic machining line. These machine tools have unique constructions , a high level of control and a reasonable price . They are easy and convenient to use and have a high processing accury , The overall results of using reach the  international advanced level. Sales in the country has Fangda carbon , Chengdu Rongguang, Hefei, Fushun, Nantong and Zhengzhou, Kaifeng caibon , Yangzi carbon , Jilin carbon , Dandong Xin Xing , Shijiazhuang Huanan , Pingdingshan Sanji, Tangshan Golden Bay, Handan Huayuan, Chengde Longhe , Datong carbon, Jiexiu Juyuan , Jiexiu Xinguang, Xinghe Muzi, Dalian Xuri , Fushun Jin Li, Liaoyang carbon, Shoushan carbon , Shandong Liyuan, Heilongjiang Xinyuan, Xuzhou Jianglong, Shandong Basan, Linyi carbon, Jiaozuo Zhongzhou, Linzhou Power, Sanmenxia Longxin , Hunan Yinguang, Sichuan Caoyutan , Dujiangyan Xima, Guanghan Shida, Dechang Shida, Lanzhou Shenglong, Shanxi sanyuan nearly 40 carbon enterprise.and share of more than 80% of the market. The international market prospects are very good, our products have been exported to India, British companies such as HEG,HK and so on. The world famous Jukka of the United States has conducted a careful investigation of our company,and intended to use our company"s graphite electrode and the joint automatic production line for renovation and  transform.
Carbon and carbon electrode processing equipment made by our company has been sold mainly to Fangda carbon , Lushan Fangyuan , Ningxia Ningping , Qingtongshan Qingxin , Jiaozuo Dongxing and other enterprises.
We have made a great breakthrough in the development of CNC high precision ball screw grinding machine tools . These products have entered the market in batches and will change the situation where our country’s hgh precision ball screw completely depends on imports . At the same time , with the successful development of our company’s carbon nuclear power reactor components manufacting equipment ,our company will make a big breakthrough in the research aera of high precision boring and milling composite and vertical and horizontal complex working center .We will make great contribution to the technical progress of major equipment in China. 

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